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"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."
Cesar Cruz

My name is Cristina Borden. I'm your run-of-the mill creative type: drawing, painting, writing, graphic design, and photography. Recently I added the total annihilation of old (and some new) dolls to the list with the purpose of giving them a new life. I just wanted someone to love them again. Full disclosure, I wanted something to be like me; genuinely kind, but slightly dark and twisted.

I started experimenting in graphic design in the 1990s when we were in the "cut, paste and copy" literally onto paper to make something creative like menus or flyers. I can remember when we got our first computer and were totally against doing it the "easy" way. In the early 2000 era I changed careers and went into the social services field. After six years, I needed a break and I spent the next four years as a graphic designer going full blown computer, but I never really fit in with the geek boys. I wanted everything to be pretty and they just wanted it to work. We made a great team, though. I went on to programming software into smart phones for a home health agency, but made my way back to working in the mental health field. I love my job. Throughout the years I never stopped working on my own, designing logos, working on political campaign ads or just photography when time permitted.

With all the social media and websites you can chose to buy from; it feels like everyone has suddenly become an "artist." I think what makes someone a true artist is passion. A true artist has passion regardless of the medium. You will see that in the quality of their work. I don’t do this for the money. I do this for the enjoyment it brings to people, and in turn it brings to me.


Artist with art business since the late 1990's — mostly painting pictures, murals, figures, designing custom tattoos, and teaching art. I've also tattooed, painted on cars, and am now working on dolls. Additionally, I've been doing web design for more than a decade.

Christy brought me into her Dolly Dearest venture since we knew each other from previous working experiences and she knew I could help her paint details... also that I'm slightly dark and twisted, myself.


Cookeville, Tennessee
and surrounding area


Right now the best way to get in touch is via our Facebook page.